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Azure Arc-enabled Servers Workbook

Azure Arc-enabled Servers Workbook
Azure Arc is King Workbook

I have released a free Workbook that provides visual insights into your Azure Arc-enabled servers. This Workbook includes several pages that give you valuable information about your environment, such as:

  • Main Dashboard
    o Connected, disconnected, and expired servers
    o Agent versions
    o Operating Systems
    o Agent Types
    o Agent Connection Statuses
  • Extensions Dashboard
    o Extensions per server
    o All Deployed Extensions
    o Deployed Extension versions
    o Failed Extensions
  • Guest Configuration Services
    o Services status on each server
  • Recommendations
    o Servers with old agents
    o Servers that have been offline
    o Expired connections
    o Disconnected servers

The Workbook uses Azure Resource Graph and you can download it free from my GitHub page.

How to install Workbook

  1. Open https://github.com/Kaidja/AzureArc/blob/main/Workbooks/Azure Arc is KING Workbook.txt
  2. Click Raw and copy the content
  3. Open Microsoft Azure Portal(portal.azure.com)
  4. Search Microsoft Sentinel
  5. Click Workbooks
  6. Click +Add Workbook
  7. Click Edit
  8. Select </> and paste the content
  9. Click Save and Done Editing

If you are not using Microsoft Sentinel, you can install the Workbook through Azure Log Analytics Workspace.

Leave a comment if something is missing or if you have feature requests.

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Are you ready to take your on-premises servers to the next level with Azure Arc? Contact me today and let me help you implement Azure Arc for your servers and unlock the full potential of your hybrid infrastructure.