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Azure Arc for Servers Workbook

Azure Arc for Servers Workbook
Azure Arc is King Workbook

I published a free Workbook that visualizes your Azure Arc-enabled servers. This free Workbook gives you different insights from your environment.

Workbook pages:

  • Main Dashboard
    o Connected, disconnected, and expired servers
    o Agent versions
    o Operating Systems
    o Agent Types
    o Agent Connection Statuses
  • Extensions Dashboard
    o Extensions per server
    o All Deployed Extensions
    o Deployed Extension versions
    o Failed Extensions
  • Guest Configuration Services
    o Services status on each server
  • Recommendations
    o Servers with old agents
    o Servers that have been offline
    o Expired connections
    o Disconnected servers

The Workbook uses Azure Graph data sources.

You can download the free Azure Workbook from my GitHub page.

How to install Workbook

  1. Open https://github.com/Kaidja/AzureArc/blob/main/Workbooks/Azure Arc is KING Workbook.txt
  2. Click Raw and copy the content
  3. Open Microsoft Azure Portal(portal.azure.com)
  4. Search Microsoft Sentinel
  5. Click Workbooks
  6. Click +Add Workbook
  7. Click Edit
  8. Select </> and paste the content
  9. Click Save and Done Editing

If you are not using Microsoft Sentinel, you can install the Workbook through Azure Log Analytics Workspace.

Leave a comment if something is missing or if you have feature requests.

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